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About Me

A Little About Me

My love affair with the Yorkshire Terrier breed began almost 20 years ago. After purchasing my first Yorkie I was completely "LuvStruck" with the breed.

It was so easy to fall in love with this breed. With each new addition to our family I fell more and more in love.

I started going to dog shows and watching the Yorkies. I decided it was something I really wanted to do and quickly developed a passion for my new hobby of showing dogs. Getting a nice dog to show became difficult, so I decided that I had to breed my own dogs to get the quality of dog I wanted.

Breeding became a passion of mine, it is about working to breed to the AKC Standard set forth by the YTCA. We are always looking to produce that "perfect Yorkie" breed type, health and temperament. Breeding is more than a hobby for me, it's about striving for excellence within the breed.

Our yorkies are an important part of our family. My husband, our children and grandchildren have always been an instrumental part in helping me raise healthy, happy yorkies. I think we've all been LuvStruck!


IMG_7398 (2).JPG

My first AKC Champion, first Grand Champion, my first bred by Champion and the love of my life


A Little About Our Yorkies

All our yorkies live in our home and are considered a part of our family. We believe that yorkies are the happiest when they can share their lives with the people they love and we couldn't imagine it any other way. All our yorkies are health screened by our veterinarian and carefully selected for our breeding and show program. Not all yorkies make the cut and some are placed in wonderful pet homes. 

Our ultimate goal in raising puppies we keep is proving them in the AKC show ring. It's been a wonderful dream and is a constant challenge that is welcomed. The extra one on one time that I get to spend with them during training, grooming, and exhibiting is a complete joy.

All our yorkies are registered with the American Kennel Club. 

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